Fantastic fungi

What exactly interests me about mushrooms is that this is the most mysterious, the most ancient of all living things, and perhaps the least studied kingdom, endowed with its own intelligence.

They (mycelium, fungi)  are everywhere and much closer in the genome to humans than to plants! This is a web that connects different organisms and transmits information, in fact, they are the prototype of the Internet.

These are saprophytes that at the end of the food chain break down matter, turning it into a nutrient soil for further life, and, therefore, they are at the beginning of the chain at the same time! They teach us not to be afraid of death because it is an integral part of the program. There is a theory that it was psilocybin that contributed to the fact that primitive people began to realize themselves, found a language and a tool of labor …

My passion for this kingdom is multifaceted. As an artist, I am interested in the diversity of the external form of fruiting bodies, and as a person, I am interested in the use in medicine, biodesign, construction, and even robotics. Somehow I feel like we can learn a lot from these often inconspicuous and humble creatures.


Photo by @andriikuzminph

My Grail sculpture (ceramics, glaze) and painting from the new Stripes-10 series (diptych, oil on canvas).