My work Daydreamer is like ‘through the looking glass’ of the ‘image’ phenomenon. Usually reducing all the unnecessary in my non-figurative color painting, sometimes I am a bit tired of questions like ‘what did you want to tell with this?’ or simply ‘what is it?’. I used a digital code to create some images in my abstract paintings, where they should not be present. Its an utopian psychedelic gesture, demonstrating hidden patterns and agreeing to be a machine, just artisan, not an artist.

Based on his figurative paintings using “neural network” I made some examples of digital art.I was interested in the question of “image” in art. While non-objective painting, which I deal with more than 8 years after the academic education, is my territory of complete freedom from the “craft” logical structures and composite laws, I see a situation that the average Ukrainian viewers in most cases quite difficult to perceive abstract / non-objective art, and especially monochrome painting, painting color as such directly. The audience there trying to find “something special”, “something figurative”, because perception is not ready to work, because art is considered the entertainment industry as well as interactive media. So “Daydreamer” acts as an add-in for our underdeveloped perception, ready-made cocktail of the images discovered by computer code.