Curent exhibition | TRAJECTORY

14.05 – 4.06.2019


Mironova Foundation presents a group project “Trajectory” by Ukrainian artists Alena Kuznetsova (painting) and Yuriy Musatov (ceramic sculpture) on May 14th.

Art project “Trajectory” is an artistic study of such concepts as movement, dynamics, energy, their interaction and influence on emotional fields, creation of certain sentiments that are born when combining or crossing trajectories of movements of individual objects, masses, and personalities.

Dynamic, non-objective painting by Alena Kuznetsova from the series “Ballet Mecanique. Act II “, with its composition, texture, the combination of different media (from acrylic to enamel and applique), reminds of unusual music (mechanical or electronic), which, in its sound, is an original trajectory of dance, which lasts not only in space but also in time.

Opening of the exhibition: May 14 at 7:00 p.m.

Duration of the exhibition: 14.05 – 4.06.2019

Address: Kyiv, Lavrsky St., 9

Contact information:

Tetyana Mironova, founder of Mironova Foundation: “In my opinion, the project is an original and very modern visualization of the classical concept of artistic aesthetics “, which is one of the key components of true works of art.”


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