Ballet mecanique | Механічний балет












This new series of works by Alena Kuznetsova departs from the previous, completely dissolved and tranquil liquid series and addresses the composition, graphics bordering abandoned esthetics, layers of lines and planes. There, traditional color as an independent medium is subjected to the form and is essentially of secondary significance, as a separate musical instrument in an orchestra: it just plays its part. Continuing the tradition of mixed technique, Alena takes these media apart into layers as the layers of memory, working without sketches and deciding at every stage on the choice of the next layer: acryl, oil, spray paint, oil pastel, enamel, and again acryl (the order may vary).

Ballet Mécanique movie is known for its radically repetitive style and instrumentation. The musical score for the film was written by composer George Antheil, combining atonal music and jazz rhythms. This film, included in the exhibition together with the documentation of the work process and the works of the artists themselves, creates a complex organism-orchestra that unites different eras, ideas, artistic expressions and art forms.