To scatter stones

This is the first residency in June 2022 with six more artists where I can do nothing, I just go deep into the local Bukovina culture and enjoy thinking, walking around the beautiful nature, reading, and sharing thoughts with others. I had much time during these two weeks to think about my topic – Heterotopia, after Michel Foucault, about ‘the other place’. Vyzhnitsa and this residency are perfect places to get a little rest from the sirens, the big city, and the war.

Because of this opportunity, I did a very tiny landart public project To scatter stones.

There is a river Cheremosh and I just love the huge field of stones on its banks. I just remembered how I drew on the stones in Crimea which is now occupied by Russia, on the seashore in 2011 and 2012. Here, the landscape reminded me of that and I just painted short quotes and drawings, I was thinking about. Red, black and white.