Fantastic Mushrooms series

clay, glazing


I noticed that if you shift the focus to nature, education, philosophy, or art, the mind calms down, and integrity appears. Nature heals, it is an example of total integrity. A forest is a fractal with an error of imperfection. There, everything is in unity, symbiosis.

I have been interested in the subject of fungi since childhood. This is the most mysterious, oldest of all living things, and probably the least studied kingdom, endowed with its intelligence. They – mycelium, and fungi – are everywhere and much closer in terms of genome to humans than to plants! It is a web that connects different organisms and transmits information, it is a prototype of the Internet. These are saprophytes, they are at the end of the food chain, and the closest to the phenomenon of death than all other creatures. They break down matter, turning it into nutritious soil for further life, and therefore they are at the beginning of the chain at the same time! They teach us not to be afraid of death because it is an integral part of the program. 

As part of my artistic practice, they continue the theme of natural algorithms and the scale of the universe.