Conceptual Art Projects | Концептуальне

Art is an endless engrossing game, that gives an opportunity to create, change, think, communicate, and cognize. 

My goal is to create my own superstructures on the well-known rules of artistic language foundation.
Expanding my borders of perception, I strive for accuracy and ease of expression by reducing all the unnecessary. My favorite instruments in work are thought and research.
When I start working on a new project, it’s always unpredictable. Simultaneously, I ask myself some questions, such as: “What am I doing?”, “To whom is it addressed?”, “What message do I want to transmit?”, “What result do I expect?”. I’m in because it’s a constant movement to the balance between strict self-challenge and the state of total happiness and satisfaction from finding the optimal solution for a given problem. Like riding a bicycle: you need to move to keep the balance.