Art and nature have always found ways to intersect with one another, the latter being a huge source of inspiration for artists. Found across many forms: rural and historical for the Classicists, grandiose and wild for the Romantics, or sensitive and poetic for the Impressionists. But it was only much later that the artist became aware of the environment’s fragility.

Art subsequently became the preferred medium to express this. Nature began to be depicted beyond pure aestheticism, as art and nature found themselves at the heart of this political battle. In fact, nature’s deterioration has profoundly changed the relationship between artists and the landscape.

Today, environmental approaches towards art and nature are very varied. From raising awareness to militant action, representations of ecological issues are everywhere in art fairs and exhibitions. Through their work, artists try to raise public awareness in order to create a better world, placing humanity in harmony with the environment.

With Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s painting at his named museum in Lindau, Bavaria, Germany