My interview to Morgane Walter for Argument (2022)

There is one thing that strikes the viewer at first about your works available online: their extreme variety, both in their technique and in their motifs. Oil paintings, pastels, acrylics, digital works, mixed media, watercolours, sculptures, installations, … Gentle lyrical abstractions and roadside landscapes as if captured on the spot, reflections on image and communication …

With regard to this extremely prolific and eclectic body of work, how would you define both the singularity of your artistic practice and its red thread?

Through the years of my presence in art, I’m trying to answer this question. You may often hear about the artist’s recognizable style, it’s the common discourse. This question disturbed me and was even painful some years ago because I’m the kind of artist always seeking. But then, in the time of the darkest crisis, I understood one simple thing: I don’t care about this thing much. Art for me is about sincerity first, and it is not something due to someone’s expectations or rules. I don’t want to become a machine, that has found some approach once, and uses it for the rest of his life. Life and the world change so quickly and unexpectedly, that my art just does the same. So, I realized the fact, that CHANGES are the only thing that defines my artistic practice.

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