Ukraine is me

Ukraine is me

Graphics, painting, 2022

Ukraine is Me is 2022 series of self-portraits in blue and yellow, done at the residency in Dublin, 2022, is a statement of self-identity, as a Ukrainian. It is an attempt of the artist to feel alive again after the beginning of the full-scale invasion of russia to the territory of Ukraine through a return to a simple academic approach in state flag colors.

self-portraits ~A3

acrylic on paper, acrylic

on canvas, 2022



Heterotopia, video, 18’16”, 2019-2021

Michel Foucault introduced the concept of “heterotopia” (fr. Hétérotopie) to be able to reflect the semantic diversity, i.e. to present all the meanings embedded in the understanding of a space. Thus, heterotopia can be both a real place and a place close to a utopia, parallel to a real space (for example, a prison), the fullness and content of which allows you to bring the real place closer to the virtual. Foucault suggested, to better understand the differences in heterotopia, to imagine an image of a mirror that is similar to utopia, “…because it is a place without a place. In the mirror, I see myself where I am not – in a non-existent space, which opens virtually behind the plane.

To the river


               To the river

Video, 2023